SUD AFRICA - Ranger Experience and Safari Guide Diventa una vera guida naturalistica in Africa


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SUD AFRICA - Ranger Experience and Safari Guide - CODICE VIAGGIO: CORSO001

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Diventa una guida naturalistica in Africa!


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Course information


•Designed and customized to provide an adventurous ecological learning experience.


•This course includes two components – learning about species in nature and how each are interconnected to one another, and experiencing safari guide training.




Why do the course?


Gain a greater understanding of nature and the environment, whilst experiencing the excitement of the bush, some of the many topics include:


•Tracking and trailing of wild animals


•Learn how to approach dangerous game as well as situational awareness skills


•Identify bird sounds


•Learn basic survival skills


•Sleep out under the stars





Wildlife courses for nature lovers

•Safari Guide – 28 days
•EcoQuest – 7 or 14 days
•Animal Tracks & Tracking – 7 days
•Wildlife Photography – 7 days
•Birding in the Bush – 7 days
•Wilderness Trails Skills – 5 days

Accredited Field Guide courses

•Professional Field Guide
•FGASA Field Guide – 55 days
•FGASA Trails Guide – 28 days
•KPSG Bronze Kenya Safari Guide – 28 days
We played a significant role in training of people from local communities near wildlife conservation areas throughout Africa since 1993

Jordan (Middle East)

Four young trainees were chosen through a rigorous selection process and then sent out to attend an intensive one-year training course at EcoTraining’s camps in Botswana and South Africa.


Makuleke community (Kruger National Park)

The Makuleke community benefits from our presence there through about R200 000-00 worth of training each year.  A number of graduates from these training courses have gone on to get employment as guides.


Amarula Distell

EcoTraining has entered into a long-term partnership with Distell to provide training for people from local communities in Botswana and Namibia through funding from the Amarula Trust.



Learners who have attended our courses have returned to the "real world" with a different outlook on life.  Some have taken this new outlook into their day-to-day lives and others, inspired by their time with us, have completely changed their lives and careers.



•Professional Field Guide

This comprehensive and unique one-year course has been designed to supply the safari industry with high-calibre FGASA- and CATHSSETA-qualified professional field guides. This course is, however, not only available to people wishing to enter the industry for a career as field guides, but for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the African bush.

It also offers a uniquely well-rounded gap year combining facets from accredited environmental education, to a depth and breadth of life skills, to adventure and inspiration – all rolled out in our camps in Africa’s wilderness.

Whether you imagine yourself to be a game ranger – managing a conservation and wildlife game reserve, or a forest ranger working in a protected park in your country, or a safari guide giving your guests an interpretative game drive, a course of this depth of experience and learning will give you the footing you need for these inspirational careers.

For half of the course you will be exposed to diverse ecological and geological terrains, landscapes, all wildlife species and so much more, at our wilderness camps in big game areas such as Makuleke (northern Kruger National Park), Karongwe Game Reserve, Selati Game Reserve and Mashatu Game Reserve (Botswana).

For the remainder of the course, you will be placed at lodges so that you can work with experienced guides and managers, to learn with and from them. At the end of the year you will therefore not only be comprehensively qualified, but will also have gained valuable practical experience in the lodge industry.

•FGASA Field Guide – 55 days

Although this course forms the foundation for a career in field guiding (and many other wildlife-orientated careers), many participants sign up for this course for a gap year experience or extended bush holiday.

The course offers a solid base of knowledge and practical skills for careers across the world in the environmental and wildlife sectors.  Forest or park rangers in America would be able to apply the universal principals of ecology, ecosystems, animal behaviour; astronomy, guest interaction; conservation principals and more, as would wildlife and park rangers in Germany or Britain.

For a gap year, you would walk away with a unique wealth of knowledge that will remain with you for life. Every time you enter a natural environment anywhere in the world, you will understand its fascinating web of life, be able to identify species and feel that much more connected to nature.  Add to that the wonderful friendships and bonds made by living with like-minded people from South Africa and all over the world, sharing a close-knit camp and experiencing the adrenaline and peace that comes with the wild.

•FGASA Trails Guide – 28 days

Your environmental knowledge, situational awareness and environmental appreciation will increase exponentially while on course, whether you are a career guide working towards a qualification or attending for self-satisfaction and learning.

The aim of this course is to develop and practice skills and gain knowledge to attain the FGASA Trails Guide Back-up qualification. At the same time develop and enhance skills and knowledge learnt on the Field Guide course.  Your environmental and situational awareness will increase exponentially.

It is also open to anyone who wants experience of, or opportunities for, walking in a wilderness area and improving personal skills. Skills gained on this course can be used anywhere. The course content is the same for everyone, regardless of existing qualifications.

However, if a FGASA Back-up Trails Guide qualification is what you are after, you will have to attain a full FGASA Field Guide qualification before coming on the course.